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How Overhead Handling Remote Controls Make Moving Loads Easy

Intuition—or “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning” (according to Oxford)—and the opportunity to use it can be a significant productivity enhancer. And for facilities lifting, transporting and positioning loads throughout a building and through different processes, having a solution at hand that enables intuitive operation saves both time and costs. That’s why overhead handling equipment, such as cranes, monorails and hoists, utilize remote controls that are engineered for effortless use. These include wireless remote controls (which utilize radio or infrared signals to relay function instructions to the system) or wired, push-button pendants (also referred to as a pendant stations).


Whether wired or wireless, overhead equipment remote controls typically include up and down buttons (indicated with arrows pointing in those two directions) for lifting and lowering. They frequently also incorporate directional buttons or joy sticks to direct the movement of the load, as well as dials or levers to control speed. Often compact enough to be used with just one hand, these remote controls are highly intuitive—significantly reducing the learning curve for operators as they familiarize themselves with the equipment.

Far simpler to operate than ground-based material handling equipment for load lifting and positioning, the remote controls for overhead handling solutions are straightforward and logical. That ensures that load handling is both precise and safe, making this equipment a highly intuitive boost to the bottom line through productivity and safety improvements.

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