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Learn How Overhead Lifting Enhances Operational Safety In Overhead Alliance’s New Video

In a recently released video, MHI’s Overhead Alliance (which includes the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI), and the Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA)) shares a brief overview into the many ways cranes, hoists and monorails enhance the safety of personnel working in manufacturing and material handling operations.

The video, entitled “Overhead Lifting Safety,” first explains how choosing an overhead solution will help improve safety in a given facility by offering greater load control than their ground-based counterparts. With precision remote handling, users can control the work area while maintaining a safe distance away from the load. With better sightlines and load control than what’s provided by a vehicle, the risk of an accident is significantly reduced.

Further, by moving loads above floor level, ceiling-mounted overhead systems make maneuvering items much easier. This also decreases the risk of a collision or impact. It additionally eliminates the need for floor-based load handling equipment, which can also cause accidents should an employee step into a vehicle’s blind spot. Overhead handling solutions can likewise be used as an ergonomic assist device, helping workers manipulate, lift, lower, and transport items with minimal physical strain. This cuts the risk of injury and associated loss of time and workers’ compensation claims.

Finally, the video discusses the importance of supplier-directed training both in overhead solution operation and maintenance. Not only does training improve safety when operating and servicing these systems, but it also enhances workforce engagement and retention.

Looking for more advantages to be gained from implementing overhead handling technologies in your facility? The Overhead Alliance details 13 different ways these lifting solutions benefit manufacturing and distribution operations in the free publication, “Expand Your Possibilities. Discover the Potential. Choose Overhead Lifting.”