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Why Choose Overhead Lifting For Your Operation? Watch The Overhead Alliance’s New Video

In a recently released video, MHI’s Overhead Alliance (which includes the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI), and the Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA)) offers a quick introduction into the benefits of cranes, hoists and monorails for manufacturing and material handling operations.

The video, entitled “Why Choose Overhead Lifting,” first explains how each system is specifically engineered to fit a given operation. This ensures maximum versatility and flexibility depending on the layout of the operation and the type of load to be handled. It also explores the variety of below-the-hook attachments that can be switched out to handle a broad variety of load types.

Also discussed are the myriad ways overhead handling can contribute to a significant reduction in product damage, by moving loads above floor level — including precisely positioning heavy and bulky loads. This can reduce both time in item transfer as well as alleviating the potential for damaging loads or equipment.  Because overhead handling solutions help workers handle items with minimal ergonomic strain, the risk of injury and associated workers’ compensation claims is minimized. Additionally, with cranes, hoists and monorails doing the heavy lifting, workers previously dedicated to moving products can be reallocated to other, more value-added tasks.

Finally, the video explores how overhead handling solutions enable an operation to make better use of existing floorspace. This, along with their rugged construction and inherent ability to be reconfigured as operational needs change, ensures an investment in overhead and vertical lifting technologies will continue to provide an ongoing return on investment.

Looking for more advantages to be gained from implementing overhead handling technologies in your facility? The Overhead Alliance details 13 different ways these lifting solutions benefit manufacturing and distribution operations in the free publication, “Expand Your Possibilities. Discover the Potential. Choose Overhead Lifting.”