Four Overhead Hoist Publications You Should Know

The members of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) develop and publish several guidelines for the safe operation and service of overhead hoists. The documents, produced by the HMI Engineering Committee, cover a broad range of hoist types. HMI’s publications are the leading global resource for the safe utilization and maintenance of overhead hoist systems. Additionally, they are part of HMI’s full library of technical papers and articles, which also includes guidelines and recommended safety practices in English, French, and Spanish versions. To safeguard your personnel, operation, and equipment, here are four overhead hoist publications you should know.

HMI’s Key Overhead Hoist Publications

HMI Overhead Hoist PublicationHMI 100.23: Operator’s Manual – Hoist

Information contained in HMI 100.23 includes the qualifications required of a hoist operator, as well as the dos and don’ts of operating the equipment. It includes a list of recommended safety practices to supplement the facility’s own safety practices and hoist manufacturer’s instructions. This overhead hoist publication also details the different lifting medium types—such as welded link load chain, roller load chain, wire rope, and synthetic rope. Further, it explores the different hoist operating types available (hand chain manual, electric, or air), and the eight different hoist suspension mounting types. These include hook, clevis, lug, trolley, deck, base, wall, and ceiling. To help hoist operators better familiarize themselves with the different types of hoists, detailed illustrations with callouts indicate the various components that comprise a hoist system. Inspection checklists are also in the document, which is free to download.

HMI Overhead Hoist PublicationHMI 100.24: Inspection and Maintenance Manual – Hoist

This document, HMI 100.24, guides hoist inspection and maintenance personnel with information and suggestions for thoroughly performing those tasks. Its intent is to provide a better understanding of safe hoist inspection and maintenance to enhance the safety of people and machinery on the facility floor. Content includes checklists for different inspection items and a description of the inspection check points for hand chain manual hoists, as well as hoists powered by electricity or air. Guidance for daily start-of-shift inspections is featured, as are recommendations for frequent and periodic hoist inspections and how to determine those intervals. The publication also includes definitions of various hoist terms. It is offered as a free download.

HMI Overhead Hoist PublicationHMI 100.75: Operator’s Manual – Lever Hoist

The HMI 100.75  booklet details the qualifications required to operate lever hoists safely. It also explains how operators must consider and anticipate the motions, actions, and loads associated with operating the lever hoist. The document overviews the different types of lever hoists (chain, wire rope, web strap) and their operating mechanisms (rachet and pawl or friction brake). Additionally, it includes checklists for daily start-of-shift inspections that operators should perform prior to using the hoist, detailing inspection items and specific points of examination. Best practices for handling loads are also featured. The publication is available as a free download.

HMI Overhead Hoist PublicationHMI 100.74: Inspection and Maintenance Manual – Lever Hoist

Intended for lever hoist inspection and maintenance personnel, HMI 100.74 provides information and suggestions for performing those tasks. Its intent is to provide a better understanding of safe lever hoist inspection. It also details best practices for maintenance to enhance the safety of people and machinery on the facility floor. The publication details inspection and service procedures that keep both the inspector and surrounding facility personnel safe. The appendix has a comprehensive listing of key terminology and definitions. There is also a list of hoist reference documents and standards from ASME, ANSI, and NFPA. It is available as a free download.

Looking for More Information on Hoists?

Looking for more information on hoist systems? The members of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) offer a variety of resources—including a comprehensive library of product guides; a hoist certification programOSHA Alliance safety tip sheets, fact sheets and quick cards — via its website at