MMA-Certified: The Advantages For Owners And Operators Of Monorails And Workstation Cranes

To assure buyers of patented track and enclosed track monorails and workstation cranes that the products are constructed in conformance with standards established by the Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA), the group offers manufacturers the ability to have their products MMA-Certified. The certification program helps purchasers of these types of overhead lifting equipment make a confident buying decision when comparing their product options. Open to both members and non-members of MMA, the program covers all products that are sold in the United States and is the only such certification offered in the marketplace.

Products bearing the MMA-Certified mark have been independently verified by a qualified professional engineer as manufactured in conformance with one of two applicable standards:

To meet MMA-Certified criteria, a professional engineer registered in the U.S. must verify, sign and seal that the product meets one of these standards. The engineer must then submit a supporting technical declaration of conformity document attesting to this fact.

Further, the process confirms that certified monorails and workstation cranes are supported by the manufacturer in multiple ways. Manufacturers seeking an MMA-Certified license enabling them to apply the mark to a specific monorail or workstation crane product line are required to submit a declaration of conformity detailing their service and support offerings. Manufacturers must confirm that they offer:

  • Literature and manuals that address safety, installation, operation, maintenance, warranty and replacement parts.
  • Product training and technical support.
  • Spare parts available for the entire life cycle of the hoist.
  • Qualified service and repair capabilities.
  • Adequate product liability insurance.

This declaration of service and support offers additional assurance to buyers of MMA-Certified products that they are partnering with a manufacturer who can help them meet the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for employers. These include compliance with requirements to provide education and training for employees, as well as following manufacturer recommendations for preventative maintenance and spare parts.

To continuously affirm product compliance with the MMA-Certified requirements, licensees are required to resubmit the same verification documentation every five years. Should the product’s design be significantly changed, however, it must be re-certified immediately. Products currently MMA-Certified — including both steel and aluminum free standing and ceiling mounted steel bridge cranes, free standing and ceiling mounted monorails, and jib cranes — are listed here.

Connect with the members of the Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA), who are the industry’s leading suppliers of monorails and workstation cranes. Available to answer any questions, the group also offers a variety of resources — including recommended practices for workstation cranes and patented track systems — via its website at

Looking for additional information about the MMA-Certified program? Full details are available, here.