Meet ACE: New Association Shaping The Future Of Automation, Controls, And Electrification

Automation Controls and Electrification

A Guest Post from the Members of the Automation, Controls, And Electrification Association (ACE).

The Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) has rebranded as the Automation, Controls, and Electrification Association (ACE). The rebranding to ACE affirms association members’ commitment to shaping the future of automation, controls, and electrification solutions through growth, innovation, and excellence.

The new name also acknowledges the increasing expansion and integration of automation, controls, and electrification solutions in industrial automation and warehouse applications, added ACE Chair Jason Looman of Scanreco.

“ECMA’s transformation into ACE harmonizes with our journey of inclusivity, innovation, and safety as our association works to add more members,” he said. “The shift to the Automation, Controls, and Electrification Association name resonates with the increasingly comprehensive approach to automating and integrating material handling facilities.”

ACE Members’ Solutions Span Multiple Industries

ACE members are the industry’s leading suppliers of automation, electrification, controlling devices, and solutions. Their products are used across significant manufacturing and distribution sectors worldwide. Offerings include wireless remote controls, festooning systems, drives, motors, conductor bars, anti-collision devices, weighing mechanisms, brakes, resistors, and cabling solutions. As operations become increasingly automated, these systems and devices work synergistically to elevate productivity in industrial handling.

Automation Controls and ElectrificationCurrent members include:

New Association Name Emphasizes Technological Innovation

The rebranding encapsulates ACE’s dedication to technological progress and innovation, noted Skyeler Smith, Industry Development Specialist with Murrelektronik.

“This transformation underscores our association’s unwavering commitment to pioneering controls and electrification solutions,” Smith said. “It also mirrors the collective growth and innovation within material handling sectors while strengthening ACE’s thought leadership and industry advancement.”

Steve Cunningham, Director of Sales and Marketing for Microtronics, LLC, concurred. “The ACE name succinctly captures our identity as automation, controls, and electrification companies, echoing our technological drive and brand prominence.”

Automation Controls and Electrification

ACE to Continue Standards Development, Guidelines

ACE will continue to help overhead crane owners and prospective buyers better understand their crane electrification options through three current ECMA publications. These publications will also be rebranded under the ACE name. They are:

Automation Controls and Electrification

Additionally, ACE offers guidelines on equipment. This includes a publication on the longevity of variable frequency drives (VFDs). The VFD Capacitor Shelf Life, Storge, and Reforming white paper explains that spare drives require maintenance, detailing both common issues and solutions.

Learn More About The Automation, Controls, and Electrification Association

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